Wednesday, May 4, 2011


One thing that I absolutely hate about ebay or online shopping in general is that the item doesn't look like described. (≧ヘ≦ ) The bad thing is that I'm not a person who likes to return things unless it's broken. In this case I won't say that the item is defective - it just doesn't match with my expectation.(×ω×)

Of course I know that these are promotional images but I really thought that it's made of synthetic leather or something like that. However, when it arrived it looks like this:

Yes, still very pretty but it felt like cheap rubber. Somehow I expected more of it, because I guess I paid a little bit too much for something like that. o(>д<*)o Apparently it's a new fabric called "Chamude" and it should feel so much like leather.... But still..... I bought it because it looked like synthetic leather and now I got something with a suede finish. sigh. Anyway, it IS still nice looking and I won't leave a negative feedback because the poor seller has nothing to do with it. I should complain to the manufacturer and google the material before I place an order. Lesson learned and even though I nag about the price it really was affordable. (*・∀<*)
The other reason why I feel slightly confused is its smell. The fragrance reminds me highly of 白花油 aka White Flower Oil. (;☆ω☆) What a surprise that I recognized the smell of it because my parents never bought 白花油 yet I remembered it from my childhood. lol

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