Thursday, June 16, 2011

Alverde Hippie Deluxe LE swatches

First of all, I wonder who on earth would give such a stupid name for this collection. It's very embarrassing for me to type this!! (〜O〜;)Sorry, Alverde but your advertising department really needs to do a better job next time!

I bought the duo lip gloss #233 called Stylish Rose and it's a wonderful shimmery plum/nude tone. It contains 7 ml and I paid 2,75 € for it.

A very pretty color isn't it? The only downfall is its scent! Oh boy this is truly the first lip gloss that I have to toss away because of its nasty smell. Sorry, I can't find the right words to describe it but it stinks so badly!! (≧ヘ≦ ) It claims to contain mango essence but I really can't figure out any nice mango scent at all! At first I thought I got a spoiled one but sadly that's not the case they all smell terrible!!! eww! o(≧◇≦)o

Let's move on to the lip and cheek stain. I bought #02 called Happy Pink. Sorry, I don't know the price any longer but it was definitely not more than 4 bucks I paid 3,45 € and it contains 9 ml. Basically it's just the same as Benefit's Benetint only in a natural cosmetics version. It comes with the Natrue label which means it is organic cosmetics with proper certification which you can trust.

The brush really looks like the ones you'd normally use for nail polishes.

I applied quite a lot of product for this swatch.

Blended out.

This time I'm swatching on my lower arm because they're more pale than my hands. lol (・∀・)It's not great pigmented as you can see from the picture below. I applied one coat and this is how it looks like when it's heavily blended out. As you can see, you almost see nothing....

But there's no problem with layering if you want to add more color to your cheeks.

I'm being honest I do find the application a little bit tricky. I only tested it on my arms and the color looks great but at the same time it gets kinda streaky so it may take some time until I get the hang of it when I want to use this on my cheek instead of a powder blush. It is also possible to use this product as a lip stain.

Acutally I'm very suprised that the cheek stain has a much more better scent than the the lip gloss even though both products contain mango essence. Nah! I'm glad because that means only 3 bucks are down the drain instead of 6. lol

Verdict. Forget the lip glosses from this collection because I won't put stinky lip gloss on my lips, any human being with common sense wouldn't do that!! ( ̄ー ̄)On the other hand, the cheek stain is a nice product (for that price!!! even organic!!) which takes some time to master but I'm sure it pays off! Let's hope they'll make it to the permanent range next season so I can add the second color to my collection as well....


Anonymous said...

the lip n cheek stain's colour is pretty! looks really pigmented! thanks for your comment im much better now, just relaxing after working :D have a great weekend :)

cream puff said...

thanks for commenting. ^__~

yes, the color is very nice indeed but the application IS tricky and it's only visible when you apply a lot of product.

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