Friday, June 17, 2011

Goddess of harvest doesn't favor me

I've never been particularly interested in gardening and I highly doubt that I'll ever transform into one. However, I don't know what struck me this year since I decided to buy some strawberry seeds. Here are the results. Tadaaaaaaaa~~

Yes, as you can see this is just the plant without the actual fruits! (開花所以結果.... gah!!) Sadly, there will be no strawberries for me and I don't know why. What have I done wrong?  Did I choose the wrong season? That can't be the reason because I did follow the description very carefully and yet this pitiful and nonexistent harvest. Boo me I'M SUCH A LOSER.... (┳Д┳) I can feel that everyone must be laughing at me right now... Being a good farmer in Harvest Moon and Farmville doesn't necessarily improve my gardening skills in real life.

Any tips or tricks?

Maybe I can become a better gardener next year who is able to show off with the best and cutest strawberries in town (not only in virtual life)? Yes, I am already lost in my daydreams.... (>ω<*)

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