Thursday, July 28, 2011

I got Naked!

The title is pretty much misleading.  (≧∇≦)

I've been eyeing this palette for a very very long time, always pondering whether I should get it or not. In the end, I just couldn't resist.(*TωT)

I guess no one would want to see swatches by now. lol I just can't stop drooling whenever I see this palette in my collection. (* ̄▽ ̄*)

Isn't it pretty? (*・∀-)☆

I'm sorry but the lighting conditions are really bad when the sun is not shining. sigh. o(>皿<)o Any tips to help me to improve the quality of my pictures? I don't think it's my camera, I'm just not a talented photographer to begin with... (〜O〜;)

This is the ultimate proof that I'm not buying organic products only. If I have the chance to get something as good as the Naked palette in an organic version, I'd buy it but sadly there isn't so in the meanwhile I am willing to stick with eyeshadows that probably have the worst ingredients ever.... (oー_ーo)being self-contradictory is my weak point. But then, there are times when you don't need to justify youself as long as you're fine with it. ヾ(▼ー▼キ)ゝ

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