Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Tassimo baby~

Yay!! Weekend off. (*д*)

I felt like doing nothing today so I decided to turn off my alarm clock and slept in. (*・∀-)☆ Then I indulged myself in a massage - no, I don't have a personal massager it's just a massage couch.... (-ω-。) Normally I'd think it's a waste of time to spend almost one hour on that couch but today I just felt like I needed that.

Last week my friend told me about a great deal which I couldn't resist! Actually I wanted to save for a nespresso machine but ended up buying the Tassimo instead, it was a real bargain!! (≧ω≦) Since I'm not such a huuuuuge coffee drinker I bought tea and chocolate t discs as well. Today I tried out the Milka and Suchard hot chocolate but to be honest, both tasted the same to me... (*ゝω・´*)

Of course, the Tassimo is not as stylish and pretty as the nespresso but I'm fine with that.


liv said...

hi cream puff! ich kenne tassimo nicht, aber es scheint mir fast besser als nespresso. mein freund hat nespresso und der ist einfach teuer und man kann nur nespresso kaffee kaufen. auch wenn der sehr lecker ist, gefaellt mir bei tassimo das man mehr auswahl hat an getraenken und marken! also gratuliere zum Kauf!!! Lg liv

cream puff said...

ja, das war ein wichtiger aspekt fuer mich weshalb ich doch tassimo genommen habe... ich trinke eigentlich nicht so viel kaffee, sondern viel lieber hot chocolate oder tee. ^O^

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