Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Again, this is no beauty related post. If you aren't interested to read my daily rant please feel free to skip this post and (hopefully) come back later for beauty posts. (*^o^*)

My weekend was super short so I couldn't relax and now I'm feeling unwell again.... and today's TUESDAY! Basically it happens to me when I don't catch enough sleep. To tell the truth I really have no idea how to survive this week.(×ω×)

I.seriously.feel.like.doing.some.retail.therapy...... (・∀・*) But it's bad to know beforehand that I'd end up buying unnecessary things and I'm not really a person who likes to return any goods that I purchased earlier. I know some people won't hold back and would return things without hesitation, you know, customers' right blah blah...(ー○ー)I have a friend who's returning like 50% of her stuff and I don't understand this behavior nor does she tolerate my habit of keeping all my comfort buys... (●ω●)

Also, I've realized that the blogging world has changed a bit. Terms like "flaming" and "identity theft" wasn't something that I'd expect to find in the world wide web. I'm a bit shocked to see what happens when someone gets popular as a beauty blogger on youtube. I don't know but reading comments that are insulting is something that I won't understand. Hiding in front of a computer screen and typing one rude sentence after another - do they really feel so much better after doing this? Don't they understand that doing a make up tutorial takes time and effort to complete and yet, all you (= the creator of a tutorial) get are rude comments about your outer appearance. It is sad. I guess I should stop reading mean comments left on 'popular' youtube beauty channels because I'd lose hope in humankind...

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Anonymous said...

your frd is definitely comfort buying... retail therapy is good but having willpower is even better :P hope your week has improved!

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