Monday, July 18, 2011

My life in pink

The other day I came up with a funny idea (to entertain myself): Grab all the PINK goods that I could find within a few minutes.(●^д^●)

Don't get the wrong impression, my room is not painted in pink! lol Actually I'm not a huge pink lover to begin with, if I have to choose I'd always prefer purple or lilac but I was still surprised to find so many pink items during a short time.(〃^∇^)

Actually there's also my pink MAC brush cleanser but I couldn't find it so.... forget about it. (*・∀・)

If you want to check your belongings as well, please don't hesitate to let me know how many pink items you have! ☆^▽^☆

Other than that, my weekend was way too short!! σ(TεT;)If I want to get some things done I'll really need to have a better time management. But I've never been a diligent person to begin with.... even though I like to do everything with the utmost care - see, I'm a perfectionist. ヾ( ~▽~)ツ


Anonymous said...

your purse is soooo cute! I'm a pink fan in denial :P

liv said...

hahah cool idea! i never thought of me as being a pink lover, nor red, or bright lilac... but turns out lately i am getting much more pink items :) it is just a happy color and feminine too! so i could say i am also a pink lover in denial ;)
oh and i looooove games, so fun to play little games in every day life. i aways played with my sister while waiting for the metro following game: stand in front of a vending machine, choose 3 items (candy or snacks) you would buy and let the other person guess what it is... i looove this game and my twin sister does too. my boyfriend (nor any of my ex-boyfriends) however never played along :( liefs, liv

cream puff said...

@Nic Nic: I was surprised that I have so much pink in my life. Seriously. >:D

@liv: Cooooool! Das Spiel mit dem Automaten finde ich genial!! Ich wuerde es auch gerne machen. Im Ernst. Solche Spielchen bereichern die Fantasie finde ich! ;D Muss ja nicht immer gleich eine Spielekonsole sein. :P Diese Gedankenarmut muss man nicht unbedingt foerdern. (Obwohl ich auch gerne zocke... aehem...)

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