Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunscreen and KIBIO Organic Skincare

Every summer I'll face the same problem: Sunscreen. 

I know, sunscreen is something that I should use on a daily basis throughout the year but up until now I've still not found my holy grail, yet. I find it very difficult to find and choose the correct sunscreen which fits my skin. The market is huge because it's all about $$$ but at the same time, the bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. (〜▽〜) 

I've tried a lot of different brands, some broke me out or they were not suitable for my sensitive skin (causing red patches!!) or I simply didn't like the texture. Needless to say we are all looking for something with high SPF without leaving a whitecast AND it should be non-greasy. Oh and before I forget the most important aspect, the ingredients should be safe. Sorry, I don't want to go too much into the details but there are two different types of suncreen, physical and chemical ones. Of course, if possible I'd like a physical sunscreen without having a strong whitecast. It's quite challenging to find something that fits my demands, I'm fully aware of that... (@o@)

With that in mind I thought it's the best and safest if I look for something organic and natural. I was pretty satisfied with the Dr. Hauschka sunscreen back then but due to the new EU restrictions they were discontinued. Please refer to this article for more details. Ever since then, the quest for my holy grail sunscreen has begun.

For the last two years I've switched back to using chemical sunscreen but I was never satisfied because the rest of my skincare regime consists of organic products. Of course, there are still brands like Sante and Lavera producing suncare products but the textures don't feel good on my skin. They're too thick and heavy, I find the application quite hard. Not to mention that I look like the newest member of the Cullen clan - hello Twilight fans!!.(≧∀≦)

With that being said, I felt truly blessed when I found Kibio. Last week I felt quite extravagant and purchased the Fluide Protecteur Visage UVA/UVB 20, actually I wanted to buy the SPF 30 but it was sold out already!!!!  ( >ω<) Maybe next time?

Anyway, the sales assistant  was such a nice and lovely person, she put tons of samples into my bag as well!!

I'll update on this product later on because I've only tested it for a couple of days and cannot really decide if I should love or hate this product. The first impression is okay. The texture is neither the best nor the worst I've tried.


Anonymous said...

I definitely don't leave the house without sunblock! Woahhh so many samples!! enjoy :)

Amanda said...

I truly and wholly agree that sunscreen is VERY important for skincare. It's a major reason for why our skin ages prematurely. And aging is something that you cannot undo.

The Kibio lady was really quite generous! I never was given such a large bunch of samples in any of my shopping trip, no matter how much I bought. Hopefully, the sunscreen will work for you this time.

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