Friday, July 1, 2011

Tea addict

My favorite drink at the moment is definitely 유자차 or 柚子茶!!! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

Even my family make silly jokes about my newest addiction. It all started a few months ago when I was in Toronto visiting my cousin. I've never heard of this type of tea before and the other day I was complaining about having a sore throat and guess what? She made me a cup of 柚子茶 and I totally fell in love with it! My cousin almost successfully talked me into buying a jar and bring it all the way back to Germany but after a second thought - why should I waste my luggage quota just like that. The jar is made of glass and it is huge and heavy. Imagine that it breaks during the transportation - it will be such a mess! We all know about the way our luggage is treated by the airport staff, don't we?

Okay to make the story short, it is obvious that I got my hands on a jar of 柚子茶 back at home as I'm drinking it a lot during the day. (*・∀・) I know it is summer right now but I don't care!!

I mentioned  previously that I wasn't feeling great and feared that I might get ill but I drank 3-5 cups of 柚子茶 daily and I really think it helped! ヾ( ~▽~)ツ Faith can move mountains, I guess.

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