Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alverde Rose Garden LE

Oh the Rose Garden Collection~ (●ゝω・)This brings back memories.

I did not go crazy on this collection because I dislike the packaging since it's only made of cardboard. The colors aren't special either so I just bought a couple of things. At that time I didn't know that this collection was the highlight of the Alverde makeup range. Seriously. After that they just came up with limited editions full of garbage items. (*-ω-) Very disappointing indeed.

If you're interested to see swatches please proceed here. Please let me warn you that this collection is a very old one and you can't get the products any longer unless you're lucky to find them on a blog sale. I'm sorry.... Just happened to clean out my stash and surprisingly rediscovered some items....

Even though I said that the colors aren't special they're still pretty. ( ^▽^) However, I never got the chance to test out all products, yet. Up until now I've just used 50% of my mini haul. Please understand that I'm not going to open the new und unused items just for swatching purposes.

Please disregard the shades on the left and right but focus mainly on the middle shade which is a pretty pink color with blue/purple undertones. It has this wonderful subtle rose scent, btw. ( ^▽^)

This is my favorite product from the collection! It's a pink blush and I love this color so much (I haven't been using this a lot because I simply forgot that I had it!)! Pigmentation is okay but since I'm something between NC 20 and NC 25 it doesn't really show on my skin unless I put on tons of layer. (o・ω・o) But when I want to go for the subtle and natural look I like to use this blush. It gives this nice rosy cheek color without being over the top.

I don't like to use my fingers for swatching so I grabbed a cotton pad but I highly doubt the pictures shown here do justice to this wonderful great color. (;☆ω☆)

So I decided to swatch it on my underarm. See how pretty the color is? But the macro is seriously freaking me out!! It is soooo detailed! Showing every single flaw that I have. Meh!! (〇Д◎ノ)


Anonymous said...

ugh I dont like cardboard packaging too. they look really cute though!

cream puff said...

the company wanted to opt for their eco-friendly image. fail! :P but the products are nice though. >:D

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