Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Sho(e) time

Came up with a silly self-made pun because sometimes I just cannot resist to say something lame to ridicule myself.... (*/////∇/////*)

Anyways, I bought a new pair of shoes. Another great bargain next to my new friend called Tassimo. Seriously I must look like a hardcore bargain hunter to you but to be honest, I am not. Not really. Just on rare occasions when something nice catches my attention. (*≧∀≦*)

My friend's mantra is that every woman should be able to walk with(?)/in(?) high heels in a graceful way. (*´∀`*) And to be honest, I agree with him. Yes, it's a guy who said that to me. It's not that I can't walk in/with (? - gosh what is the correct preposition of this word anyway?) high heels I just prefer the more comfortable flats on a daily basis, that's all.

These are my first pair of patent leather shoes! I'm no good when it comes to patent leather because this material wouldn't stretch a bit, making the shoes quite uncomfortable.(*TωT)The first impression I usually get is this suffocating and back-breaking feeling that my feet will die within minutes. I think it has something to do with the shape of my feet. I've been told by a sales assistant from a major designer brand that Asians have wide feet. I'm a bit confused because I don't think my feet are wide but that depends on your personal view. ( ̄д ̄;)

But these are quite comfy to wear and they look very classy because it's so shiny thanks to the patent leather. (☆▽☆)  I really have a weak spot for shiny things.... lol

They look rather big but my actual shoe size is 36 ½ (European size) and most brands don't carry this size, so I either switch between size 36 and 37, but mostly I buy size 37 which is size 4 in UK and 6 ½ in the US. Yeah, I would be sooooo lost without the help of size charts.... (。_∀_。)


Lina Kim ♥ said...

aweee...this is really cute! super super super cute. pls post a pic with you wearing it XD~ I love ballet flat <3 hehe...and fon't forget to join my giveaway ok ^^ thank you

cream puff said...

I love wearing ballet flats and I hope they don't become unstylish. hehe ^O^

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