Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Motives® Gel Eyeliner

I got this gel eyeliner from my dear cousin who didn't like it. She stays loyal to her MAC fluidline in Blacktrack. lol (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

First of all, I didn't know this brand nor did I know who the heck Loren Ridinger is. But it doesn't matter when the product itself is good. Sorry, I don't mean to sound indifferent and ignorant... (*x_x)

So during the past months I've grown kinda fond of this gel eyeliner, the shade is a simple black one with the dainty and lovely name called "Little Black Dress" and I must say that I like its texture better than the fluidline. However, the thing is that I don't like to use black eyeliners but switch to chocolate brown or dark brown instead since it looks more natural on me when used on a daily basis. (*・∀・)

So far, so good.

Today I wanted to play around with my make up and try out a new look which requires a more dramatic effect so I decided to use my favorite gel eyeliner from motives. To my horror I found it in a very bad state, it's dried up!!!

Why does this happen so rapidly? I don't unterstand it at all.....

Now don't tell me that this is normal?! (≧△≦)

It certainly is still in an usuable condition but somehow.... I don't want to use it anymore since the texture and consistency have changed. It's not as smooth and silky as before. To me this product has lost its magic and since it is very hard for me to get another pot of this eyeliner I will go back to MAC, because fluidline doesn't ever fail on me.

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