Monday, August 22, 2011

My Alverde lip gloss collection

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with two things: Hand cream and lip gloss/care. (*/////∇/////*) Today I want to talk about the latter.

I've included all lip glosses that I own from the brand Alverde, even the ones from limited editions or discontinued shades. This is not a review, it should be treated as a sort of overview instead, hence I won't give details such as comfort, stickiness, lasting power, flavor/scent, price, ingredients etc.

First of all I feel like starting with the tube glosses. I already reviewed two of them some time ago (1,2) and don't worry they're permanent.

Under normal circumstances I don't like to take photos with flash light on but these came out suprisingly well!

The third tube you see right above is the 'strawberry' flavored gloss which smells very strawberry-like and it is a red pink shimmery shade. I like the color very much too bad it's discontinued. The good thing is that I have a spare one that I want to either give away/keep it for myself/swapping or whatver. I still haven't made up my mind, though.

Next I want to talk a little bit about the glosses that have an applicator/wand. They are from different limited editions but don't worry my all-time favorite shade is from the permanent range and I hope it stays for a very long time!! (*´ε` *) I'm going to post swatches of these five:

Shiny Terra

Creamy Mauve
Shiny Terra is my super duper all-time favorite!! It's my your lips but better color and I'd always go back to this! I'll probably do a more detailed post later on (maybe with a lip swatch?) because I'm so in love with this color! Creamy Mauve is a shade that I picked up later on but I find that it's a bit too dark and mauve-ish for me, though. Looks weird one me! Both shades are permanent so you can get these easily at DM.

Nude Diamond

Rose Lovely

Stylish Rose
I did a short review on Stylish Rose while talking about the Hippie Deluxe LE and I'm extremely bitter about this particular item. Seriously. It is such a pretty color but its scent is just so very bad that I want to toss it out of the window! The reason why I still keep this is for swatching purposes only! I sincerely hope that Alverde will release a similar color in the future!! ((=゚Д゚=)) Now that I did my swatch it's time to bid farewell, though!

Now please don't say I'm a lazy person because it wasn't easy to swatch these. I spent my Sunday forenoon on taking these photos - the entire day was sunny with cloudy intervals so I immediately grabbed my camera whenever the sky opened up !!! lol (≧∀≦)


Amanda said...

Goodness! What a staggering collection you have!! If they were mine, there was no way I could finish them within a year.

I do think that taking photos isn't an easy job. My ages-old camera does a bad job, and I always have to retake the photos to get one that I am really satisfied with.

cream puff said...

Actually 3 of them are still sealed, one got tossed away and the rest... well, there are 7 left. haha~

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