Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My life is a mess

Definition according to Wikipedia

Chaos (ˈk.ɒs/;Greek: χάος ): refers to a state lacking order or predictability.

And this is exactly the word I'd use to describe the current state of my wardrobe. It certainly is very sad yet, at the same time the truth. I can't help it. (;・∀・)

Also it's not very helpful when temperatures are dropping like 10° C within one night only to go up to 20+°C again a few days later! I seriously don't know what to wear! I used to have a specific arrangement in my wardrobe, my items all well-assorted but this year's summer has been crazy without any proper seasonable weather. At the moment it feels like fall and today I dug out my trench coat which is wicked because it's August! (=Д=;)

I don't think it's worth the trouble to start sorting my clothes now so in the meanwhile I will have to live with the mess, digging out every piece that I need which seems to be appropriate at the moment.

And sorry, today no photo to record the shameful sight of my wardrobe. I already feel bad enough.... Believe me it looks like......... (☆o◎)

Due to some unknown reasons blogspot decided to eat up this post which was actually meant for yesterday. So today I woke up to see what? The sun is shining! I don't know what to say. Guess I have to look for something with short sleeves now and put my trench coat back.... (┳Д┳) But that's summer in Germany...

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