Sunday, August 7, 2011

Samples galore~

No, I didn't win the first prize in a give-away. lol (≧∇≦。)

It's just that I love buying samples! The smaller versions usually look cute to me that's why I have.... uhm... a lot of them. Plus, I get the chance to test out different products before I purchase the fullsize which might turn out to be a major fail. Before I throw out even more money out of the window I guess it's the safest when I stick to samples first.

Of course, I didn't buy all the samples on the photo myself but mostly I really did use my own money. I'm not a person who would ask for free samples. It's just not my style. haha. (±∀±;)

I'm pretty cautious and reserved when it comes to testing out new face products. I usually won't buy  trial sizes of facial creams/lotions because I like to stick with my favorites since I have sensitive skin. I don't like to point out everytime that I have sensitive skin, in fact, it's rather bothersome to me. But still it can't be helped. I have to live with the fact. (≧ロ≦)

As you can see, I still have those Kibio samples from last time and I would be lying to say that I'm not eager to try them out. Yet, the fear of another itchy rash is stopping my plans. Yes, I'm a sissy. Got a problem with that? lol o(>▽<)o  I know, it's nothing to be proud of.... I just like to joke around. Deep down inside I'm a 爛gag princess. ψ(`∇´)ψ

Back to the original topic, the only face product that I actually bought as a trial size is the Dr. Hauschka Normalizing Day Oil and I'm still testing it with mixed feelings, though. (ー_ー )


liv said...

hahah ik know those sample-mountains! but somehow i often end up not using them. It is just such a hazzle of using a little envelop which is never enough for the whole body.And for my face i also rather stick to product of which i know they are safe. btw i love the oil but my twin sister does not at all... so keep trying but not too hard ;). hugs, liv

cream puff said...

Dank den Probiergroessen habe ich mir schon etliche Fehlkaeufe erspart. =__=;;

Die meisten Sachets (bis auf die von Martina Gebhardt) habe ich geschenkt bekommen. In erster Linie probiere ich Duschgels und Shampoos gerne aus. Oder auch mal eine Bodylotion, aber du hast schon recht, reichen tut es fuer den ganzen Koerper nicht. haha.

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