Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy week and Vogue Fashion's Night Out

Last week was full of ups and downs. ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

Consequently I had to do some retail therapy in order to relieve stress. I know I said I won't do that anymore but I just had to make up for all the bad things that happened last week. (-`Д´-ノ;) The only good thing is that I didn't get sick which I feared the most.

I ended up purchasing some items that I normally wouldn't do but it's not that I regret my buys either. lol However, my blush collection is surely growing. (^◇^;)It's just... more and more I find myself turning into a blush junkie....

Will post swatches in another post soon. This one is called Flamingo and the good thing is that it's permanent. Seriously, I get very sick that my current purchases are either from limited editions or being discontinued so I'm espcially fond of this shade!! (^−^;)

This one is from the Manhattan Loves Oktoberfest Collection. I was tempted to pick up a second shade as well but since I prefer using natural cosmetics most of the time I limited myself to just one item!! (*△*)

Other than that, do you guys know about the Vogue Fashion's Night Out? I must be living under a rock! I've never understood that it is a worldwide event. LOL!! (*ノω<*) So yeah.... That night a lot of people went crazy to get a hold of a Vogue shopping bag and I was lucky enough to score two of them.

image credit goes to Vogue
To be very honest I don't quite understand what's so special about these bags.... but I like the color very much! Last year they came in orange/copper so I wasn't particularly interested. Did you attend the FNO? Did you buy anything on that day?
Okay.... let's wrap up this entry since I still have to put an outfit together for today's event. I will go to a classical concert with some people from my course. (*・∀-)☆
On another note... Today's 9/11... Has it been 10 years already? I cannot choose the right words to express my condolences for the victims and the bereaved family members. During times like that I can't help but be very thamkful for everything that I have. I may not have the best life but it's not entirely the worst, either. Don't take things for granted and be happy with what you have and who you are. We belong to the lucky ones out there.


Anonymous said...

I heard so much about the vogue fashion night out.. i wondered if they did it in Tokyo.. sounded like a lot of fun!

cream puff said...
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