Thursday, September 29, 2011

My favorite season

First of all, I need to complain about my internet connection as it has been the worst since Monday evening. It is great to pay so much $$$ for crappy services. (☆o◎)

Don't know if I mentioned this before but autumn/fall is actually my favorite time of the year. (☆▽☆) Probably because my birthday is almost around the corner as well. No, to be honest I don't want to get older and if there's a way I could skip this particular day, I would do that. lol (*/////∇/////*)

Okay the real reason why I especially love fall is that I finally get to wear my beloved coats!! I've been waiting to wear my coats (yes, I have sooo many different ones!!) with a pair of nice boots but I'm definitely not talking about digging out my rain boots. lol In my opinion there's nothing worse than a cold and rainy day so as long as it's sunny I'm super happy. At the moment I'm really into layering so I try to stock up with nice basics. I also bought my first snood scarf and so far I'm loving it. I bought another one later on as well but I still need to figure out the correct wrapping technique because it looks quite weird when I tried it on. It's more like a loop Pashmina. However, I love the pattern so much. (´・ω・|||)

The knitted scarf is much easier to wrap around plus it is super soft. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ I already saw many ladies wearing these but honestly I do find it's still too warm for me to want anything around my neck... ヾ( ~▽~)ツ

Another item that I bought is this gray beanie. Don't know what's wrong with me but my favorite color this season is definitely GRAY!!

On a random note, my friend got me a pack of hot chocolate!! (o⌒∇⌒o) I believe it was a bit pricey, though. Imported goods after all.... Cannot wait to try it out!!


Jamilla Camel said...

I love woolies!

Amanda said...

Well, I can completely understand what you think about your approaching birthday :) While I do appreciate blessings from my friends, their blessings remind me that I'm one year older... On that particular day, I want some peace of mind.

cream puff said...

@Jamilla: LOL!!! ^O^;; Seriously I think they're great! It's good to hear that I'm not alone.

@Amanda: To be honest, I still don't feel that old but a glance at my id card says something different, though. =.=;; But don't fret as long as you're young at heart, everything is okay. ^__~ Age is just a number. Besides, the 30s are the new 20s, at least I've been told so. LOL!!! ^O^

Amanda said...

That's why I seldom look at my id card. That photo reminds me of how young I once were.

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