Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thermal Water Sprays

Do you believe in the benefits of thermal water sprays or do you think it's just water?

I've tested three different brands but only two of them are actually labeled as thermal water. So what do I expect from a thermal water spray? I shamelessly copied the following part from the Avène website because I liked the text better than from Vichy.

    The unique properties in the water assist in its ability to cleanse, soothe and calm mild to highly sensitive skin. With both health and beauty benefits this product can be used to tone the face as well as offer relief to inflamed skin.
I especially love the soothing properties and believe me, the sprays do a wonderful job during summer season when your skin feels dull, tired and dehydrated. (*・∀・)

The first spray I bought was from Vichy and I was pretty satisfied with its effect.

But I ran out of product pretty fast. I've used this in the morning and in the evening, but still.... a bottle that contains 150 ml (like my toner or cleansing milk) usually lasts me about two months but this bottle was empty after a month so I needed to buy a new one. (・◇・)

However, I always forgot it whenever I was near a pharmacy. In case you're wondering, Vichy and Avène are brands which are sold in pharmacies only, at least in Germany. ( ̄∧ ̄)

That's when this spray came in quite handy. I spotted it in my local drugstore and decided to grab a bottle just to see how it works. I know I should've been more careful but you see.... it was an impulse buy..... and super cheap, too.... (-ε- )

It's called Aqua spray and I've never expected it to be so different from an average thermal water spray. However, if I only had taken a closer look at the ingredients list beforehand..... (−o−) It doesn't feel right when I spray this on so I had to wipe it off shortly after. It wasn't itchy but do you know this feeling when something isn't right and you cannot point out what it exactly is?

To be fair, it doesn't claim to be soothing.... I just thought it would be and was surprised at this weird tingly feeling which in fact was the so-called refreshing effect perhaps. It doesn't have perfume and alcohol in it though!

As you can see, thermal water is not just water. It is so much more. (*д*)

In the end, I splurged on the Avène thermal water spray which is pricier than the one from Vichy. I bought the super giant size containing 300 ml and I'm happy with the purchase. The nozzle is so much better compared to the Vichy bottle even though the quality of thermal water seems to be the same. The fine mist that is covering my skin feels great and soothing. The difference is huge! When I use the Vichy thermal water spray it feels too wet, the water almost dripping off my face. That's why I get the impression the product runs out pretty fast because of the amount of water that comes out per squirt..... lol ヾ( ~▽~)ツ

As long as Vichy does not improve their nozzle I will always go back to Avène.

Actually there's a third brand  (La Roche Posay) but they're even more $$$ than Avène so I'm not particularly interested in their thermal water spray. Evian is also not an option because I don't see it available in my place.


Jamilla Camel said...

I love to use the Avene spray in Oman - perfect for cooling down!

liv said...

i ve once tried the vichy one, but it caused a bad break out. tried it a few month later again, and jepp same story. so no more thermal water for me. i use the hauschka tonic instead which stands in my bathroom anyway :) love, liv

cream puff said...

@Jamilla: Oh so you're using Avene as well? ^^ I like the refreshing and cooling effect very much but as summer is almost over I don't think I need to repurchase a new bottle for this year.

@Liv: Wie gesagt, mir gefaellt Vichy auch nicht so sehr. Liegt wahrscheinlich an der Marke. =.=;; Ist ja schrecklich wenn man Pickel von dem Wasser bekommt... Wenigstens weiss du das jetzt. Ich benutze es in erster Linie auch nur im Sommer, ansonsten greife ich auch zum Dr. Hauschka Tonikum. ^^

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