Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being blue

Well, I used to regard blogging as some sort of hobby but recently I barely had time to do anything let alone surfing the internet.

Let's recap the last two weeks: Either busy or sick. Spent the entire day sleeping on my day off or had been outside running errands, going to the doctors etc. (・へ・;;) 

I feel tired, unbalanced and sick. Everything's BLUE~~ (☆o◎)

The only good thing, however, I didn't get to spend too much time in the drugstore which is good for my wallet. lol (///ω///) Actually I wanted to post a photo of my little haul from last week but sadly my camera died on my because of low battery. Boo.

The other thing is that I can't even go sleeping since we do have some issues with our pipe in the bathroom.... The craftsman came at 8 A.M. now trying to fix that problem and in the meanwhile they had to cut off the water as well!!!!! I hate this situation so much..... I have an appointment to see my doctor later on and I wonder how to dress up properly when there's no water. Hey, I'm a girl.....I need to use the bathroom once in a while. Also I can't cancel the appointment as I was literally begging the doctor's assistant to let me have this appointment today. Boohoo....

It's so not my day.

I just hope they're gonna fix the pipe today because I can't stand the idea of not taking a shower. Ewww. Gross!!! 。・゚゚・o(┳Д┳)o・゚゚・。

As I'm super frustrated I'm now off watching anime which I hadn't been doing for the longest time already.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greetings from NYC

A friend of mine went to NYC a couple of weeks ago and she brought me a few goodies which I love so much! She told me that she had a fabulous time over there and didn't want to come back home. She's a shopaholic to the core and I do believe that it must be so freaking awesome over there!!! (♡∀♡) I also plan a trip to NYC in the distant future. lol

Maybe in a few years when I'm realistic. (oゝω・o)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk

There's one product from Dr. Hauschka that I've been staying loyal to throughout the years. I'm talking about their cleansing milk. The reason why I choose this particular product is thanks to my sensitive skin, because if I had the choice I would've picked a foaming cleanser over a creamy texture. I tell you there's nothing more than a rich lather that feels super nice on your skin. Or at least I like that feeling. (o ・`∀・´)ノ

When I first got interested in organic skincare the most natural thing for me to do was to go for a brand that is well-known so I ended up with Dr. Hauschka. I literally spent a few hours trying to figure out which might be the best products for me and which might not. My usual way of approaching a new brand is starting with some very basic items such as cleanser, toner and a moisturizer.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekend already?

These days have been rather challenging for me. Plus I was fighting against my running nose. ( ̄◇ ̄) In fact I get the feeling that something big might come down as well. I forgot to get my yearly flu vaccination which really helped me to stay healthy throughout the cold and rainy season in the recent years...

I fear that the products are piling up. lol Let's see when I get the time to talk about those. (*≧∇≦)/ Speaking of new products, usually you won't find me doing previews on limited editions but please look at this:

from their Facebook page

OMG!!! Again, it's cardboard packaging which I'm personally not so fond of but hey, it's just so cute! I feel like buying the entire collection just because I'm a sucker for packaging...ヾ(@o@;)ノ

According to Alverde, the products will be released next week! I'm super excited! However, I don't deny that I'm incredibly tired of hunting after limited collections so even though I said I'm super excited I won't be stalking my drugstores like I did in the past. (;≧皿≦)

Also, I'm super happy that I found my missing eyeliner brush from Zoeva!! (≧ω≦) Seriously I thought I must have tossed it by accident but no, I found it in my drawer where I store my books. Ooops. Don't ask me how it got there.(×ω×)

I'm now off~ Need to get dressed for today's night out. It's a rare occasion because I usually would turn them down since I'm no party girl to begin with...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bedtime stories

It all started with this funny video that I came across some time ago:

I'm not a cat person to begin with but this cat called Moire is just too cute!! ヾ(≧ー≦)ゞ

I didn't pay attention until I randomly browsed through different animal videos on youtube so I came across other videos by the same uploader and I remembered this funny cat. What caught my interest was that the guy got a second kitten!! OMG!! I tell you I was very surprised and the kitten is just so suuuuper cute!! (;☆ω☆)

So I keep on watching his videos. Of course, to be very honest, they're actually quite boring but I've been watching these as a bedtime story replacement. lol (^▽^) I watch one video per evening, I'm now through Moire & Crie #10 and it looks like the cats have finally gotten used to each other. Yeah, I really watched all of them - from Moire & Crie #1-10. I have no life... (ゝω・´★)

Do you have pets? Gosh, watching all these videos remind me that I miss having a pet in my life.(×ω×)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mandarinen Schmand Kuchen

I wasn't born highly gifted with cooking skills but I like to bake, though. Once in a while. Now I wouldn't say I'm very good at baking and judging from the pictures the looks need to be refined so badly. (≧д≦)

However, it actually tastes better than its looks. (〃⌒ー⌒〃) 

Don't judge a book by its cover.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Holiday = Baking day?

Today's a national holiday, hence the picture of the Brandenburger Tor  but to be honest I stayed in most of the time and did some baking at home instead of strolling around. Of course, I indulged myself in TVB dramas and various activities that are online based. (TεT;)

I needed all the leisure time to mentally prepare myself for the up-coming next week. It's going to be a very tough one so I need to rest a bit beforehand. ヽ( ̄ー ̄ )ノ

Here's a close-up shot of the Quadriga, that is on top of the gate/building/whatever. Hey I really don't know the proper word for it. Please bear with me. lol

On a more random note, I found out yesterday that the camera neck strap that I bought a while ago does not really suit. The strap is too wide for the hook of my camera because it is supposed to be for a DSLR and mine is a bridge camera which is bit more compact in size. (●ゝ∀・●)

One more off-topic my brother is getting all excited because Apple will release more information about the new iPhone tomorrow. It's a good thing to be rich since I don't have so much spare money to buy a new phone every year... (o・。・o) 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Alverde products and a great deal

The new Alverde products are finally in! o((*^▽^*))o Honestly, I kind of anticipated too see the products as soon as possible. However, when I had the actual chance to check on them I was very picky and only bought the new limited edition body butter with tangerine. I tell you the smell reminds me of the orange yoghurt that I sometimes buy. lol

The reason why I decided on a body butter is that I ran out of my current one.(●ゝω・)

The rest... well, let's see. I really wanted to pick up the powder blush in shade #03 Pretty Terra but it wasn't available yet. It looks nice on the website but I prefer to see it in real life as the color chart is not really helpful and the actual color might turn out differently.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Essence products in nude

Do you like nude?

I didn't own anything nude-ish (how shocking?!) so it was about time to change that!! The other day I was standing in front of the huge girly Essence display checking out their new products. That's when I spotted these two items and decided to pick them up just to see if nude actually suits me or not.

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