Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being blue

Well, I used to regard blogging as some sort of hobby but recently I barely had time to do anything let alone surfing the internet.

Let's recap the last two weeks: Either busy or sick. Spent the entire day sleeping on my day off or had been outside running errands, going to the doctors etc. (・へ・;;) 

I feel tired, unbalanced and sick. Everything's BLUE~~ (☆o◎)

The only good thing, however, I didn't get to spend too much time in the drugstore which is good for my wallet. lol (///ω///) Actually I wanted to post a photo of my little haul from last week but sadly my camera died on my because of low battery. Boo.

The other thing is that I can't even go sleeping since we do have some issues with our pipe in the bathroom.... The craftsman came at 8 A.M. now trying to fix that problem and in the meanwhile they had to cut off the water as well!!!!! I hate this situation so much..... I have an appointment to see my doctor later on and I wonder how to dress up properly when there's no water. Hey, I'm a girl.....I need to use the bathroom once in a while. Also I can't cancel the appointment as I was literally begging the doctor's assistant to let me have this appointment today. Boohoo....

It's so not my day.

I just hope they're gonna fix the pipe today because I can't stand the idea of not taking a shower. Ewww. Gross!!! 。・゚゚・o(┳Д┳)o・゚゚・。

As I'm super frustrated I'm now off watching anime which I hadn't been doing for the longest time already.


liv said...

sweety! 1st) the doc really doesn't care about your look, believe me s/he sees enough sick people to not care about looks. 2nd) regard the no-shower day a treatment for your skin - it s thankful for the off-day 3rd and most importantly: I hope the doc knows what's wrong with you and in the meantime take good care of yourself. Try to eat more verggies, less candy, drink loads of water/ tea (you dont like coffee anyway right?) and take some extra vitamins!
I really hope you get better soon!
hugs, liv

Lina Kim ♥ said...

awee sweetie I'm sorry to hear that. about the issue with the pipe, it happened to me too, haha. but don't let things get into you easily, I bought a big bottle of mineral water and use it to wash my face etc. lolz. I had a bad day too ytd, when my house is flooded! lol... it was raining and leaking like MAD O_O...

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean I went through it yday. I got smacked in the face with a tennis racket and I was in a lot of pain, not to mention upset and just shocked that it happened lol. Then I had to go to work with a headache and dull pain. Luckily ice pack and a hot hard boiled egg helped so no bruising. Hope you're much better now!

cream puff said...

Thanks, I'm doing slightly better. ^^;;

@Liv: Stimmt, wenigstens simuliere ich nicht, ich fuehle mich nicht nur sch... sondern sehe auch so aus!! :P

@Lina Kim: Whoah! You're right! Next time I'll use mineral water. At first it must feel strange, though. But I shouldn't be bothered as long as my face gets clean. ^^

@Nic Nic: Oh I'm sorry to hear about the tennis racket incident. Must hurt a lot. Once I got a smashball (Badminton) just right into my face and burst out into tears, making my male friend feeling very uncomfortable. lol Actually I didn't want to cry the tears came from the shock. ^O^;;;;;

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