Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Greetings from NYC

A friend of mine went to NYC a couple of weeks ago and she brought me a few goodies which I love so much! She told me that she had a fabulous time over there and didn't want to come back home. She's a shopaholic to the core and I do believe that it must be so freaking awesome over there!!! (♡∀♡) I also plan a trip to NYC in the distant future. lol

Maybe in a few years when I'm realistic. (oゝω・o)

 I think I got the presents because she asked me to be her house sitter during the vacation. It's not that I stayed at her home but I went like 2-3 times a week to check if everything was okay and such. Plus she needed me to empty her mailbox which was always about to burst whenever I got there. (●`・ω・´●)Actually I don't like house sitting because of the responsibilities that come with this task. I fear that I might forget the keys, forget to lock the door properly etc. the list goes on and on....

I didn't forget to water the plants but sadly one of her orchids lost all (there were only 3 to begin with...)  blossoms which makes me feel super bad whenever I think about it. She reassured that it was about time but even so. My bad... lol. (*TωT)

A few goodies that I got with the presents ~~

Omg, these are so funny!! Tastes like sweet corn but the texture is jelly-ish and chewy. Definitely not my favorite snack but it was something new. lol (。´・ω・)


Jamilla Camel said...

Yummy treats! Don't worry about the Orchid - sometimes that happens, and everything grows back!

liv said...

sugar sugar sugar! but sometimes a woman needs that :0 i def. have to travel to NY one day, never been there :( but before that i need a good job and loads of money :)

Don't worry too much about the plants. orchids do loose their blossoms now and then. the good news is they will (almost) always grow new ones :)
LG liv

cream puff said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's good to hear that the blossoms will grow back MOST of the time. lol ^O^;;

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