Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Alverde products and a great deal

The new Alverde products are finally in! o((*^▽^*))o Honestly, I kind of anticipated too see the products as soon as possible. However, when I had the actual chance to check on them I was very picky and only bought the new limited edition body butter with tangerine. I tell you the smell reminds me of the orange yoghurt that I sometimes buy. lol

The reason why I decided on a body butter is that I ran out of my current one.(●ゝω・)

The rest... well, let's see. I really wanted to pick up the powder blush in shade #03 Pretty Terra but it wasn't available yet. It looks nice on the website but I prefer to see it in real life as the color chart is not really helpful and the actual color might turn out differently.

The new mineral blushes are a bit too shimmery for my taste even though the colors are so pretty!! (♥∀♥) I was tempted to get one but then I suddenly remembered that I already picked up this little one here a few weeks ago without mentioning. It was on sale, yeah for 0,50 cents off, what a wonderful deal. Beware of irony, though!! (* ̄◇ ̄*) Seriously.... but I wanted to have it anyway so it's not a big deal I'd even have bought it at full price but it's just so ridiculous to call it clearance sale when it isn't.

Yes, it's a very vibrant coral red shade and of course, I know how tricky it is to use such a bright colored blush. Especially for a blush noob like me. I already did a review for the other mineral blush shade called Antique Rose some while ago....

But now onto something that I really do consider as a real bargain and super duper good deal! The Alverde facial cleansing wipes now come with some nice extras! v(≧∀≦)v

I have no idea when they're going to stop adding these little extras, though.... It's not a permanent campaign I guess it's just their way to get rid of old discontinued products. As you can see I decided on the package that comes with the baked eyeshadow #06 Intensive Turquoise.

The other choices will be either a baked eyeshadow in lilac/purple or a baked blush. As I already have both items at home it's obvious that I chose something that I don't own, yet. (= ̄▽ ̄=) Before I forget to mention, the facial wipes costs like 2 EUR!! So you'll get a great item for FREE by investing merely 2 bucks! One baked eyeshadow/blush alone retails for 3-4 EUR so it's a pretty nice deal.

Speaking of blushes, sadly I must now reveal a shocking truth!! Starting from this season on there will be no baked blushes anymore!! (☆o◎) I was like WTH, they can't be serious?! The baked blushes were so amazing (in terms of pigmentation and lasting power!!) and I was super excited about the new shades that will be released but there were no new colors, in fact there were no baked blushes in the new regular line to begin with!! (≡д≡) It is sooooo disappointing! What kind of marketing strategy is that to remove good products and put a bunch of %/"'$#)"&$("§=?(& instead..... Feel free to replace the symbols with whatever you feel like that's appropriate. lol (*/////∇/////*)

With that being said I'm now off for a cup of nice(?) tea as I bought new t-discs for my Tassimo. Have a nice day everyone!! (^∀^*)

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