Saturday, November 5, 2011

Essence Vampire's Love

Essence, you got me again with your limited editions.... This brand really does take advantage of my fangirlism and  makes me purchasing their stuff. Over and over. Yes, I'm weak. ( ̄^ ̄メ)

This collection is made for all the Vampire fans out there, especially targeted at uhm Twilight fans I guess. hahaha. I accidently stumbled upon the display yesterday and picked up just a few things. Even though the items aren't expensive. Of course, I do admit that I wanted to buy every single product that was available on second thought but I left the store before my brain was on hunting mode. (///ω///)

Here's my little haul. Sorry that the pictures aren't good in quality as the lighting is extremely terrible.

The blush is my personal favorite, even though the texture is a bit difficult to work with. Usually I'm not really good with creamy/mousse/liquid textures because of the application. It's called blush gelee and does remind me of jello. haha. (*・∀・)/

With a pump dispenser you could easily control the amount of product you want to apply.

Now swatched on my hand. Completely blended in.

It may be a little bit tricky to apply this on evenly I think. Haven't tried that on the face, yet. However, it looks like it would give your cheeks a nicely tint. The shade's name is called Bloody Mary, btw.

Speaking of tint, the next product is a lip tint. It comes in a small tube with an applicator. It contains 8,5 ml/ 0,28 fl.oz.

I picked this up because I wanted to have something to make my lips super Vampire-ish red. However, I got the wrong shade. I kinda rushed into the drugstore and found the display, grabbed a few items, paid for them and left the store within 5 minutes? So I didn't pay attention to the sticker on it saying '01' which is the shade's number obviously. Well, it turns out that the color looks more purple than red. The desired shade I'm actually looking for must be '02' then. Too bad. Funny thing is that it has the same name as the blush. Bloody Mary

Let the pictures talk. I personally don't see the color is doing it's name justice but anyway....

Doesn't look very bloody for my taste, though! But I think the lasting power is quite good because after wiping the color away you still could see it on my hand.

Had to rub quite a bit to remove any traces of it. Next time I'll use a drop of oil instead. Saves me the rubbing part. My poor hand. It's already dry and not very smooth to begin with.... ( ̄▽ ̄;)

The last product that I picked up is the nail polish in '03' called True Love. So cheesy. lol (≧▽≦)

Seriously it has the prettiest shimmering particles to it that I failed to capture with my camera. I don't usually wear that sort of color on my nails, though. However, I have this habit to buy beautiful things. lol


Saskia said...

Fantastics swatches, photos and review :) I will link to you!
And i like your blog too :)

cream puff said...

omg sorry, I'm just being a pig... @.@ thanks for commenting!! (just found out today that someone left a comment...oops...) =.=;;

lol I want back the sun... I hate it when it's rainy and grey outside. T^T I really hope that the swatches were helpful, even though the lighting conditions were extremely bad.

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