Monday, November 21, 2011

Facial asymmetry

This is something that's been on my mind for so long but I've never gotten around to talk about it. It's about my uneven eyebrows. Of course, I've been told that's normal and only a few people are actually born with almost identical brows. Also, I highly doubt that anyone would notice the differences at all since one brow gets covered by my side bang pretty much all the time so it's okay. Well, sort of. (●ω●)

To make things clear, I was born that way  - they're not the result of me over-plucking them. lol (///ω///)

The left side is slanted while being kind of straight whereas the right one is rounder and more arched. In the past I tried to make them appear more even, however, it's not something that could be easily fixed on my own as the angle is different as well. I had so much trouble finding the right person who's capable of doing my brows as some ladies are more gifted and some are simply.... doing a crappy job. Working in a beauty salon doesn't necessarily mean that you are good at what you do for a living. (≧□≦)

Sounds a bit confusing so I think I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves. These are how my brows look like when I haven't been to my brow lady for quite some time... (-ω- ) Funny thing is when they're thicker the differences are barely or less noticeable than when they're fixed....

Now showing my right eyebrow. Undone and done.

Proceeding to the left brow.

I don't ask for a lot, only that the person who's doing my brows would bring them a bit closer so they aren't totally off and weird looking. I don't like my brows as thick as shown on the first photo, I like to keep them natural yet neat and clean if that makes sense.

To be very honest, I don't find eyebrow tutorials  very helpful for me. It looks very easy but when it's my turn I usually find it difficult to do exactly the same as shown since we all have different features. And let's face it I just can't fix my brows on my own no matter how many tutorials I watch/read. I have to live with it and seek help from a professional instead. Of course, I still enjoy watching brow tutorials and to a certain degree I do find those very helpful, e.g. what products are used etc. However, I won't grab a pair of scissors to trim my brows on my own, believe me, they have suffered long enough and have been abused by so many people who call themselves pros.(ー○ー)

Oh and while I'm already at this, I have uneven eyelids as well. Nobody is perfect. And there's only a few people with totally symmetrical features so...... that makes me normal, I guess?


Jamilla Camel said...

I have uneven eyebrows, right eye smaller than left eye, and my chin tilts to the left!

liv said...

same here: uneven brows, uneven eyes, and even uneven mouth/jaw ( i think my orthodontist screwed up several time). oh well.... nobody is perfect ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you have a great pair of brows and it's actually better to have slightly uneven brows because bros are suppose to be like "sisters" and not twins :P

you have a great brow shape so I think you don't really need to do much in terms of shading it or plucking. Lucky girl!

cream puff said...

I'm happy to hear that nobody's perfect. We all have to deal with the one or other problem which is in fact such a small one. ^O^;;

@Nic Nic: Awwwww!! Thanks for your sweet words!! I really liked the part which says that the eye brows are supposed to be like sisters and not twins. You're so right!! ^^

Vivi said...

My eyebrows are not symmetrical, too! And my mom's aren't, as well.

One of my eyebrows has an angular curve while the other goes on more smoothly. And unfortunately, my eyebrows are naturally thin and fine so not much hair to play around with unless I want to end up with no brows.

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