Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If you suck at your job

..... then please consider changing your profession altogether!!! (ーヘー;)

Remember about my bathroom problem from last week? Well, it's still not 100% fixed. Of course, I got my water back that evening (luckily!!) but the craftsman left everything just like shown below.

Admittedly, it doesn't look nice but as long as I can have my daily shower in the evening I don't expect them to finish doing the wall on exact the same day. On Monday I got a call from the landlord, the craftsman will come again this Tuesday which is today. I was hoping that the guy will do it right and fix everything so I don't need to waste another day staying at home with waiting and seeing strangers enter my home. But no, all he did was to remove some cement, actually he just cleaned the area next to the pipe... with a drill!! (×ω×)The sound was nearly killing me as I'm still sick, and when being sick I'm particularly sensitive to any noise. I endured the entire process bravely and when the craftsman left he told me that another guy (!!!) will finish the rest - of course not today. o(>д<*)o Another person again?

Now I wonder how many different people does it take to simply put back the tiles after filling? Is it really so difficult?

The worst part came.... when I entered my room which is next to the bathroom and found something like that....

OMG!!!!!! No, I wasn't dreaming. That guy made a HOLE IN MY WALL AS WELL!!! ^!(*%@&&$^*^$*#^%@!!!! I was truly devastated and felt like fainting any moment.

Needless to say I discovered this crap when he already had left.ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Otherwise I'd have told him my most honest opinion, that HE SUCKS AT HIS JOB and that I want to talk to HIS BOSS to file a complaint! He made things even worse and now I must let a stranger into my room as well.

I'm very upset with a fair reason! (┳Д┳)

And tomorrow is my birthday. What a wonderful present. Thank you so much for making it a memorable day for me.

Let's stop the nagging part, next time I'll be back with happier news and most importantly with my health being recovered. Don't let the bad things drag you down!! Smile and be happy!! (*/////∇/////*) Focus on the happier things in life, e.g. my neat and tidy wardrobe as I spent my weekend in organizing my winter clothes.... lol ヾ(*・∀・)/


Jamilla Camel said...

OMG! That person should be shot! Happy birthday!

liv said...

Happy Birthday!!!! hip hip hurrey! I wish you a wonder ful day with lots of energy (hope you r not sick anymore!) and lots of loved ones around!
LG liv

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! That guy definitely makes your birthday more memorable. After that, good things will come :)

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