Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kibio Sunscreen Fluide Protecteur Visage SPF 20

Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes. 。.::・'゚★。.::・'゚☆。ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・'゚☆。.::・'゚ I had a wonderful day and the sun was shining as an extra bonus! So glad that it wasn't pouring. haha~

I know this is long overdue.... I'm talking about the Kibio sunscreen that I picked up earlier. Sorry, I actually mean months ago....

However, as it is super important to use sunscreen on a daily basis it doesn't really matter if it's fall/autumn, isn't it?

I paid 18 EUR for a bottle with 40ml. Honestly, this is kinda pricey for my taste. (;☆ω☆)

Now that I read the packaging again it reminds me that I usually don't shake the bottle prior using. Oops. Fail! (〇Д◎ノ)

I dare to say that I've tested this product long enough to share my thoughts on this without being biased or results based on first impressions. Please keep in mind that every skin is different and what doesn't work for me doesn't neccessarily mean to be good/bad for you as well. You have to try it out by yourself, there's no other way to figure that out.

There's nothing special to the packaging other than the box was sealed when I purchased this. In my opinion there's really no need to use cellophane to seal the item when it comes already boxed.

Keep in mind I'm talking about organic skincare and by supporting the entire idea the first thing to do is trying to reduce pollutive packaging material. Not only the ingredients must be safe but the entire concept should be eco-friendly as well and for me it starts with the packaging. Perhaps I'm overdoing it. lol

Now moving back on the original topic!

The product claims to be lightweight and non-oily. It depends on how you define lightweight because I do think it's more rich than light. When I put it on my face it does feel sticky and greasy, though. I had no problems in blending this into my skin but sadly it enhanced the dry patches on my face. Also, due to the stickiness every single loose particle was visible. Every now and then I discovered something blue/black on my face which was from the towel that I used to dry my freshly washed hands with.

But it's okay, nothing serious. When you use powder on top everything is fine. ヾ(*・∀・)/

I do find it leaving a slight whitecast which I don't mind, though. It's not as white as chalk, nor would you be mistaken as a member from a specific Vampire family. lol ヾ( ~▽~)ツ

Don't know if it's visible but the texture is quite runny and watery.

On the last picture the sunscreen is completely blended in. However, since my hand is more fair than my face you can't really see the whitecast but I can assure you that there is one, though. I find that you could see the shiny finish pretty well on this picture but like I said it can be fixed with a bit of blotting afterwards.

As to the ingredients I can say that they seem to be safe, at least this product comes with Ecocert logo so it's proper organic cosmetics.

I'd describe the scent as very light and decent compared to other sunscreens that I've used before. It smells like a mixture of vanilla and coconut. Very tropical indeed.

Now how did my skin react?

To be honest, I think my skin doesn't like this sunscreen. I noticed an increasing number of blackheads. There is a constant feeling of clogged pores due to the sticky texture. But then I have very sensitive skin which is  prone to break outs once I used the wrong products. Overall my skin had been kind of irritated pretty much all summer long and at first I wasn't sure if it has to do with this sunscreen or if it was the summer heat that my skin doesn't tolerate. Most probably 50/50....

However, when I stopped using this my skin problems have not subsided, it still was irritated with red patches but the blackheads more or less vanished. So I guess the blackheads do come from using the Kibio sunscreen but the rest is just my skin being bitchy again.  (±∀±;)

Overall I have the impression that my skin doesn't tolerate any sunscreen in general.

It's hard to say if it works for you or not, since every skin is different. I won't repurchase this not because it's bad but I have high expectations, I want my skin look healthy and radiant while being protected from UV rays.

On the other hand I truly think that this sunscreen from Kibio does a fairly good job in general considering the less harmful ingredients. Unlike the majority of suncreens that work with chemical filters the Kibio one uses a physical filter with zink oxide as the main component in blocking sun rays. If you want to have further information on that, here's a nice resoure that I'd like to share. I absolutely love Sesame's blog. While I'm already at this, fellow blogger Amanda also has a very nice website with lots of great articles. Both ladies have writing skills that are impressive! Truth to be told, I'm not capable of writing such interesting posts, nor would I even bother to go too in depth when blogging. lol (* ̄∇ ̄)/

To sum up, there's still a very long way ahead of finding the ideal solution for me I guess..... I can't have everything. (〃∇〃)

The journey of finding my HG sunscreen continues......

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Rindodo ♥ said...

happy belated birthday, thanks for the review, I could notice the white cast on your hand tho. and thanks for your comment :D I love to use the face mist bcuz my face is incredibly oily. I post my naked skin on my pre-pre post though, it's not that flawless lulz.

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