Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Small things......

that brighten up my day and make me smile.

I received a sweet cosmetic pouch which is full of great products.(●ゝω・)

I'm so grateful and thank you my dear friend. I love everything that you picked up for me. (●・ω・)ノ♡

Funny thing is that I've been eyeing Burt's Bees products for a super long time already.... In the past it was a bit difficult to get their products but I've heard that some places in Germany do carry Burt's Bee now so I hope I will get the chance to buy and try more from their products in the future.

Plus it was great timing since I ran out of my Alverde lip balm earlier. It lasted so long, btw! (*´・∀・`)—♪

All I can say for now is that both lip products smell like peppermint but judging from just the smell I like the Alverde lip balm better than the one from Burt's Bees. (*´ω`*)


Jamilla Camel said...

Nothing like a little love pack to brighten your day!

liv said...

really a super nicely filled bag.. and the bag itself is also very beautiful :) I love the Hauschka hand cream (mostly because of the smell)! and the weleda showerstuff as well.
Pls keep us posted about the I+M product, i am very curious about those.

Love, Liv

Anonymous said...

Hey long time! ;) I know the range of the lip balm! Famous ay!

cream puff said...

@Jamilla: Yeah, sometimes when everything goes wrong and you come home to find this package in your mail - that feeling is awesome! haha. ^O^

@liv: Ja, das Taeschen ist einfach toll! Damit meine ich aber nicht nur den Inhalt. hehe. Also das ist jetzt fuer mich das allererste I+M Produkt ueberhaupt. Mal schauen wie es so ist.

@Lily: I've been wanting to try Burt's Bee for such a long while already. Did you ever try this out?

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