Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections of 2011

Oh. Is it really that time of the year again?

I still have some unpublished photos from Christmas and now I already have to prepare myself for the new year? It frightens me to see the time running so fast. (-`Д´-ノ)

Usually I don't like to do things like reflections of the last year or new year resolutions. I'm not going to entirely break my rule so today I merely want to share a few thoughts.

This year was full of surprises. It started incredibly bad for me but I'm glad that I made it this far. On my own. Of course, I had helping hands from family and friends as well. σ(TεT;)

I decided to start things over, like returning to my old interests, hence the revival of my blog. Alright, I moved the blogging platform, blogspot is actually very convenient to use. lol ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Other than that I truly had a super bad skin year, but I'm slightly recovering. *keeping my fingers crossed* Okay, I believe it was the worst when I was 16, so.... it's not too bad. (*/////∇/////*) Oh and I guess I spent way too much money and  time strolling around the drugstore and bought tons of unnecessary beauty products. Plus I should remind myself to catch more sleep. And have facial masks more frequently as well. Eat less chocolate and overall reduce my sugar intake, eat healthier, etc., etc., etc......... ∞

Oh no.... who said at the beginning that this is not supposed to be a list of reflections and resolutions?! Need to stop at this point. lol (●´ω`●)

Now to my plans for New Year's Eve.

With my two besties currently out of town I feel slightly bummed out. Even though I have options left at the moment I'm merely being indecisive. Not to talk about my outfit and makeup. (o-_-o) Judging by that I rather want to stay at home and sleep instead of worrying about an outfit. sigh. (〃ω〃)

Too bad that I have to return to work on Monday. lol Sorry, that was super random....

What are you doing on New Year's Eve? I'm sorry, this is a scheduled post...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Yummy dessert?!

It's no secret that I love organic products and on special occasions I'd even splurge on organic food as well. The other day I decided on a yummy looking dessert called Schwarzwälder Kirsch Kuchengenuss as I absolutely LOVE Black forest cake and even more so when it comes as(?)/in(?) a niblet. Let me tell you it wasn't cheap.... But it looked so good that I couldn't possibly walked away without putting one into my shopping cart. (* ̄^ ̄*) I mean just look at it. It comes with a small package of chocolate flakes as well!! (・∀・*)♪

Of course, everthing made from organic ingredients. Uh now I feel super posh.... (▼д▼)o (My sense of humor is weird....) lol

However, it turns out to be something really gross.... Actually it ranks quite high on my list of the yuckiest experiences of my entire life. EVER. (=ω=。) Are you prepared for this?

Of course, when I took the pictures I still didn't know, yet.

But underneath the cream topping I spotted...... something GRAYISH-GREEN..... (*=д=)

Believe it or not but it was MOLD. WTH?!!! I was devastated and felt incredibly sick at once.... (〇Д◎ノ) Most certainly I wasn't sick I just felt like that, there's a huge difference....

Okay, the next thing I did was to check on the best-before date and realized that it was completely my own fault because I bought something which was almost due to expiry and then I put it into the fridge for like three days. I'm not freaking out because I ate stuff that is expired but that I almost put mold into my mouth. OMG....

I'm just so glad that I looked at the dessert prior to eating the entire cup. It saved me from tasting something weird and afterwards running to the bathroom and..... vomiting. (-`Д´-ノ;;)

Lesson learned. I need to check the expiry date more carefully. Not just inside the store but also when I already bought the stuff and take it out from the fridge.... ugh... Traumatic event. I won't be buying this dessert any time soon. Most probably NEVER AGAIN!!!! I won't even touch something from this brand again, even though it was my own fault. (;☆ω☆)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lining the waterline

Do you line your waterline?

I tried it several years ago by using my favorite MAC fluidline but I found the idea of wearing eyeliner on your upper/lower waterline very strange unusual. Just because I wear contact lenses and my optometrist strongly opposed to that so I was more than confused when I flip through beauty magazines and see that drawing a line on either upper/lower waterline is somehow a must, no matter if you wear contacts or not. Besides, these days I find myself wearing my glasses only so why not give the idea another try?

For my first attempts I chose a gel eyeliner and frankly, it wasn't easy for me. Messing around the delicate eye area with a brush is dangerous as I'm not a very skilled person when it comes to makeup related stuff. I had problems with controlling the brush (poking-myself-in-the-eye-alarm) and after I finished drawing the upper waterline the gel eyeliner smudged on me....  (-ε-) Fail.

Never mind, I still have a pencil eyeliner left which I tried out the next time. But.... it didn't work out either as it smudged on me even more and I nearly poked myself in the right eye. I'm wondering why all the bad stuff only happens to be on my right eye... like infection, cornea inflammation.... (,-`Д´-)

Then I came across this video on youtube. I'm sorry that it's in Cantonese, however, BeautyQQ added some English subtitles so I guess it would be okay for all people to watch. (。´・ω・)

Seriously this tutorial really encourages me to go for another try as it does make a huge difference. I'm not wearing a lot of makeup and put my main focus on the eyes, but then I'm not doing smokey eyes just the average normal look that consists of eyeliner and mascara, that's it. So I think it would be great to do some tightlining along with lining the upper waterline to make my eyes stand out a little bit more. If that is possible. lol (*ゝω・´*)

I guess I'd refrain from lining the lower waterline as well since I wasn't born with the biggest eyes and I'm afraid it would make them appear even smaller if I frame the entire eye. I know a lot of Asian ladies are lining both waterlines but unless I want to go for a dramatic look I guess I won't be doing anything to my lower waterline any time soon. (o・。・o)

For now I try to figure out which products are suited since I obviously chose the wrong ones at first. Of course, I'll keep you updated on that.

Alverde Lip Balm Calendula

I'm finally back with a proper posting this time. ~~-v(* ̄・ ̄)。。

To be honest, the products that I want to review are actually piling up. Some were gifts from loved ones but there are also items that I picked up by myself when I was strolling around the drugstore. (///ω///)

However, today I want to talk about something that has been part of my daily routine for.... a very long time already. I'm talking about the Alverde Calendula lip balm.

Basically it's just your average chapstick which comes in a plastic tube along with a matching cap. Not very pretty but practical indeed. The glide isn't as smooth as the regular lip balms such as Labello, Nivea etc. and feels more waxy and not creamy at all. But then it really depends on how you store your lip balm, and to be honest, I find that the quality of this particular chapstick tend to vary. Sometimes I get one that glides on perfectly and the other time I might end up with one that's super hard and waxy. It doesn't feel good since the surface gets rough as well.  Anyway, it has a glossy finish which I love. Of course, it only gets super glossy and shiny when the application itself was soft and easy beforehand.... Does anyone actually understand what I'm trying to say? lol (* ´Д゜*)

 EDIT: To see a demonstration please refer to this entry.

Monday, December 26, 2011


Before I get back on track with my usual beauty entries, I want to share some pictures that I took recently. Funny thing is that these were actually the only ones that match the festive mood. Sometimes I wonder why there is such a hassle over an event that lasts on for about a few days (depending on where you live) only. (´・д・`) It's not that I dislike Christmas in general, even though we don't celebrate it the usual way like putting up a Christmas tree and whatnot I still like strolling around the different shops with Christmas decorations and of course, going to the Christmas market with friends, enjoying Bratwurst and gebrannte Mandeln (aka roasted almonds). As you can see, my life actually involves nothing but food. I tell you, it's the genes... Asians are supposed to be like that. ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and are surrounded by love and warmth. Also, please don't forget it's not only about presents it's more like spending time with your loved ones. Oh and a quick reminder: Great things come in small packages. lol

★:゜*☆※>o( ̄▽ ̄*)∠※ ・:*:・゚`★☆:゚*★ FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to be brave?

I went to see my dermatologist a couple of weeks ago with a terrifying result. (=ω=。) Actually I wanted her to check on my other skin problem but somehow I ended up talking about my dark spots that I have as well. It seems like some spots need to be removed as they could transform into something malignant. (☆o◎) On top of that the doctor explained the entire process in such great detail that I almost fell off the chair and fainted. Luckily I didn't since it would have been hilarious.

But see,  I tend to end up crying or at least leave with watery eyes when it gets nasty. Just because I'm not good in enduring pain. (=Д=;)

My  next appointment will be at the end of January 2012 and I'm already starting to panic whenever I think about the operation which in fact is such a small one but still.... I've never been hospitalized or something like that *fingers crossed* so it's only natural to get nervous. My doctor handed over the information sheet that I need to read carefully at home and should bring it with me the next time I see her..... (~□~;) I'm scared to death....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to catch up

Uh.... I've been MIA for the past few weeks. I tell you the second half of November was literally flying by  super fast!! (●・ω・●)ノ~~

It's December already with Christmas around the corner as well!! (;☆ω☆) Not that my family and I are going to celebrate it anyways. lol (ー△ー;)However, even though we don't celebrate in the normal way we still like to gather with friends and have a great feast. It's all about food and nothing else.... (≧∇≦)

So what exactly have I been up to lately?

Work has been both physically and mentally draining. Two of my female co-workers are being weird and they do drag the entire team down with their subliminal cat fight and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I can't stand the awkward mood because I don't know how to behave. Most of the time I try to be my usual self but it's not fun when you could feel that the situation is in fact very tense despite the laughter. Also I learned that changes sometimes are necessary in order to advance. Perhaps I might change my job starting from next year. I'm really not sure but I already went to a sort of interview and I guess the manager liked me very much. Let's see....

Beauty-wise there were no drastic changes nor huge hauls to show. Sorry. However, I managed to grab one or another item which I will talk about later on since I'm now too lazy to resize all the photos that I took recently. (=∇=)ノ

For now I want to share my beautiful birthday cards that I got. Believe it or now, these were the only ones that I received, the rest were either SMS or Facebook messages.... Kind of sad since I love stationary. lol (●´ω`●) Speaking of cards, I need to hurry with my Christmas cards. Even though we don't necessarily celebrate Christmas but I still love to send out the cards to express my festive mood. ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ

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