Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lining the waterline

Do you line your waterline?

I tried it several years ago by using my favorite MAC fluidline but I found the idea of wearing eyeliner on your upper/lower waterline very strange unusual. Just because I wear contact lenses and my optometrist strongly opposed to that so I was more than confused when I flip through beauty magazines and see that drawing a line on either upper/lower waterline is somehow a must, no matter if you wear contacts or not. Besides, these days I find myself wearing my glasses only so why not give the idea another try?

For my first attempts I chose a gel eyeliner and frankly, it wasn't easy for me. Messing around the delicate eye area with a brush is dangerous as I'm not a very skilled person when it comes to makeup related stuff. I had problems with controlling the brush (poking-myself-in-the-eye-alarm) and after I finished drawing the upper waterline the gel eyeliner smudged on me....  (-ε-) Fail.

Never mind, I still have a pencil eyeliner left which I tried out the next time. But.... it didn't work out either as it smudged on me even more and I nearly poked myself in the right eye. I'm wondering why all the bad stuff only happens to be on my right eye... like infection, cornea inflammation.... (,-`Д´-)

Then I came across this video on youtube. I'm sorry that it's in Cantonese, however, BeautyQQ added some English subtitles so I guess it would be okay for all people to watch. (。´・ω・)

Seriously this tutorial really encourages me to go for another try as it does make a huge difference. I'm not wearing a lot of makeup and put my main focus on the eyes, but then I'm not doing smokey eyes just the average normal look that consists of eyeliner and mascara, that's it. So I think it would be great to do some tightlining along with lining the upper waterline to make my eyes stand out a little bit more. If that is possible. lol (*ゝω・´*)

I guess I'd refrain from lining the lower waterline as well since I wasn't born with the biggest eyes and I'm afraid it would make them appear even smaller if I frame the entire eye. I know a lot of Asian ladies are lining both waterlines but unless I want to go for a dramatic look I guess I won't be doing anything to my lower waterline any time soon. (o・。・o)

For now I try to figure out which products are suited since I obviously chose the wrong ones at first. Of course, I'll keep you updated on that.

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