Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time to catch up

Uh.... I've been MIA for the past few weeks. I tell you the second half of November was literally flying by  super fast!! (●・ω・●)ノ~~

It's December already with Christmas around the corner as well!! (;☆ω☆) Not that my family and I are going to celebrate it anyways. lol (ー△ー;)However, even though we don't celebrate in the normal way we still like to gather with friends and have a great feast. It's all about food and nothing else.... (≧∇≦)

So what exactly have I been up to lately?

Work has been both physically and mentally draining. Two of my female co-workers are being weird and they do drag the entire team down with their subliminal cat fight and it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I can't stand the awkward mood because I don't know how to behave. Most of the time I try to be my usual self but it's not fun when you could feel that the situation is in fact very tense despite the laughter. Also I learned that changes sometimes are necessary in order to advance. Perhaps I might change my job starting from next year. I'm really not sure but I already went to a sort of interview and I guess the manager liked me very much. Let's see....

Beauty-wise there were no drastic changes nor huge hauls to show. Sorry. However, I managed to grab one or another item which I will talk about later on since I'm now too lazy to resize all the photos that I took recently. (=∇=)ノ

For now I want to share my beautiful birthday cards that I got. Believe it or now, these were the only ones that I received, the rest were either SMS or Facebook messages.... Kind of sad since I love stationary. lol (●´ω`●) Speaking of cards, I need to hurry with my Christmas cards. Even though we don't necessarily celebrate Christmas but I still love to send out the cards to express my festive mood. ヽ(*^∇^*)ノ


Anonymous said...

dont you hate it when the work environment becomes high school?!

I rarely get bday card these days too :( They look cute though! Happy belated bday :)

I used to love giving and receivng xmas cards... maybe it's a sign I'm growing old.. I don't really both as much anymore *sigh*

thank you for your comment for my giveaway it was so sweet of you!!

liv said...

hope you ll get the new job! good luck! other than that: glad you r back :0 i am also a bit slow in blogging lately.. guess it s also the winter-slow-motion mood.
love the cards!
Groetjes, Liv

cream puff said...

@NicNic: Well, the keyword is 辦公室政治. lol ^O^;; But I've heard it's much more worse in Hongkong so I won't complain anymore.

@Liv: Soviel zum Thema wieder regelmaessig bloggen. Im Dezember kam ich zu gar nichts. =___=;; Habe stattdessen fast nur gegessen und rolle ab jetzt durch die Gegend wie eine runde Kugel. haha... ^O^;;

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