Friday, December 30, 2011

Yummy dessert?!

It's no secret that I love organic products and on special occasions I'd even splurge on organic food as well. The other day I decided on a yummy looking dessert called Schwarzwälder Kirsch Kuchengenuss as I absolutely LOVE Black forest cake and even more so when it comes as(?)/in(?) a niblet. Let me tell you it wasn't cheap.... But it looked so good that I couldn't possibly walked away without putting one into my shopping cart. (* ̄^ ̄*) I mean just look at it. It comes with a small package of chocolate flakes as well!! (・∀・*)♪

Of course, everthing made from organic ingredients. Uh now I feel super posh.... (▼д▼)o (My sense of humor is weird....) lol

However, it turns out to be something really gross.... Actually it ranks quite high on my list of the yuckiest experiences of my entire life. EVER. (=ω=。) Are you prepared for this?

Of course, when I took the pictures I still didn't know, yet.

But underneath the cream topping I spotted...... something GRAYISH-GREEN..... (*=д=)

Believe it or not but it was MOLD. WTH?!!! I was devastated and felt incredibly sick at once.... (〇Д◎ノ) Most certainly I wasn't sick I just felt like that, there's a huge difference....

Okay, the next thing I did was to check on the best-before date and realized that it was completely my own fault because I bought something which was almost due to expiry and then I put it into the fridge for like three days. I'm not freaking out because I ate stuff that is expired but that I almost put mold into my mouth. OMG....

I'm just so glad that I looked at the dessert prior to eating the entire cup. It saved me from tasting something weird and afterwards running to the bathroom and..... vomiting. (-`Д´-ノ;;)

Lesson learned. I need to check the expiry date more carefully. Not just inside the store but also when I already bought the stuff and take it out from the fridge.... ugh... Traumatic event. I won't be buying this dessert any time soon. Most probably NEVER AGAIN!!!! I won't even touch something from this brand again, even though it was my own fault. (;☆ω☆)

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