Friday, January 27, 2012

Beauty Sleep #2

Don't ask for the reasons but my daily sleeping routine is so messed up that I want to dig a hole and hide myself. To be honest, this is actually my number one beauty rule, yet I can't make myself stick with this rule. o(>д<*)o One time I was in Hongkong and saw that one of my cousins was on the phone every evening at least till 3 o'clock in the morning. Of course, she got up early in the morning to go for work the next day. I wondered how on earth did she manage to live like that? Ironically I find myself doing the same thing with the exception that I don't talk on the phone but tend to read a book or watch errrr..... dramas. Now please don't judge me, it's just that I easily get immersed in something and cannot stop until I know the ending. lol

It doesn't improve my problem that I rediscovered my love for hot water bottles. Boy, you cannot believe how great these are! Liv, mentioned this in her comment when I asked for more tips on how to improve my sleep. I'm a weird person, even though I love to have it warm and cosy I dislike to turn on the heater every night. Of course, the room gets warm but I literally prefer to keep a cool head. A hot water bottle solves all my problems! It's super warm beneath my duvet, yet my head remains cool and I can breathe better since the air doesn't get stuffy at all.

At the beginning I only had one hot water bottle, however, I found another one which I believe is more than 10+ yrs old. But it still works perfectly fine. That's what I call quality made in Germany!(●ゝω・)

Surprisingly I find that the purple hot water bottle which is the older one, btw is in a much better shape than the white one. It looks so yucky and worn out but I don't care as long as it works.

Kleine Änderungen bereichern das Leben.

Small changes make a huge difference in your daily life.


liv said...

hej :) I am glad my advice was of help! I have exactly the same: want to keep a cool head, yet warm feet and a warm belly ;)
here is yet another advice: with the warm water bottle come some times soft covers - this makes the warm water bottle even more cosy :) Liefs, liv

Anonymous said...

I never use water bottles but it does certainly help! I think herbal teas helps to relax me before sleeping. I think the iPhone makes me stay awake longer than I should these days! I helps if I just put my phone away and switch myself off these days!

Amanda said...

I don't have a water bottle. When the weather gets too cold for me to bear, I stick some Japanese hot bag inside of my shirt to make my body feel warmer. Yes, you are right!
"Small changes make a huge difference in your daily life." Right now, I'm hoping that spring will come as soon as it can:)

cream puff said...

@liv: Ich habe Bezuege fuer meine Waermeflaschen, aber die sind wirklich peinlich, so dass ich die lieber nicht abgelichtet habe. XD Wie gesagt, die lilafarbene stammt noch aus meiner Kindheit.... hahaha

@Nic Nic: Oh that's so true!! The iPhone really keeps me awake every night!! @.@ I think I should put it away before heading to bed. oooops. So funny that you feel the same way. lol

@Amanda: Don't fret, it'll get warmer soon!!! Especially in HK! lol ^O^ Japanese hot bag? omg!!! *___* This idea is incredibly good!! Thank you soooo much for sharing!!

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