Friday, February 17, 2012

Finding the right eyebrow tools

via Etude House
Other than paying my brow lady a visit once in a loooooong while I don't really do my brows. Okay, sometimes I'd also use a gel to fix my super stubborn eyebrows if I feell like doing so. During the holidays I was going through my make up bag and rediscovered this little fellow:

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil

OMG....  I don't remember when I bought this, I believe this eyebrow pencil must be super old. Yuck. And sadly this is the only brow pencil that I've ever used. Of course, I had other ones as well but the colors were never matching and looked weird on me.... I always went back to the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 004 Black. What I like about this pencil that it also came with a small brush for blending so I don't need to bring an extra brush with me all the time.

I actually wanted to get myself a new one when my brow lady pointed out that black may look too harsh on me. I should get something that's more brownish because it looks more natural instead of choosing of a pencil that is jetblack. If possible I'd rather want to opt for something with natural ingredients but sadly all the brands that I've looked up didn't carry a shade that works for me. The darkest shade was usually too brown-ish for me, mostly on the red side, too. Doesn't look flattering on me at all! (ー△ー;)

Then a friend suggested that I should go for Asian brands since the colors will definitely match better. So I ended up with Etude House as they have a great variety of different colors to choose from. However, I must admit that the color selection was a bit overwhelming. I had absolutely no idea which shade matches me the best... Honestly, what would you do upon seeing this chart?

01 Blackish Brown
02 Grayish Brown
03 Brown
04 Dark Gray
05 Gray
06 Black

Normally, I'd go for dark brown since this is my natural hair color but my eyebrows look more grayish to me so omg.... In the end I bought shade #2.

Etude House Retractable Eyebrow Pencil

What I absolutely love about the Etude House brow pencil is that I don't need both an extra sharpener (since it's retractable) AND brush at all. The bad thing is that 1-2 cm of the actual product broke during my first application. Never mind that, it happened due to my lack of experience. lol ヾ(;☆ω☆)ノ

This is how it looks on me. Excuse the bad quality of my photos, it was late in the evening....

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Jamilla Camel said...

Super natural! Perfect!

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