Saturday, January 14, 2012

My first OOTD

Wow... I've finally made it! This is actually my first Saturday in a very long while that I'm not busy running errands and such. Okay I lied, I did go groceries shopping in the afternoon and while I've been at it, also restocked on some icecream.... (And I wanted to eat more healthy....)

I must say that 2012 doesn't start great for me. Reality hit me again since I find that work load never seems to decrease. That's when I decided it's about time to think about vacation. I need a break or I have no idea how to survive this year. lol (*TωT)It's ridiculous that I find myself somehow... looking forward to my up-coming surgery. Of course, I'm still scared whenever I think about it but hopefully I will be able to have some rest at home afterwards.

With that being said, let's move on.

Today just want to share an outfit of the day post! It's my first one and sorry for the terrible lighting. I wonder why some people are able to take high quality pictures using their phones.... while I obviously fail at it....


Jamilla Camel said...

Good luck for 2012! Your outfit looks very cozy!

Anonymous said...

hey L thanks for the comment you left earlier!! Can't believe you're going to HK about the same time! I'm going to be flying on 13th - how about you??

I like how you've layered your outfit! Must be pretty cold in Germany right now??

You have super long hair - I am definitely missing my hair but my hair feels softer to touch and bouncy so I don't regret cutting!

cream puff said...

Honestly this year's winter is kinda mild compared to last year's one. ^O^;; But it's getting colder right now.

I will leave on the 5th and will be staying around 3 weeks in HK. teehee~ So looking forward to my vacation. ^__^

My hair isn't that super long it's just that I have layers that are longer than the rest. In the meanwhile I won't chop off the dry ends I want to wait until HK as the hairdressers in Germany can't really deal with Asian hair. I'm 99% unhappy afterwards. =.=;;

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