Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alverde Zauberwald LE Blush Magic Rose

Please let me introduce my current favorite for this month! No, actually it was among my January favorites, but never mind. lol (^◇^)

I know some may hate me for showing this since it's from a super old limited collection from 2010 but I really really love this blush. Seriously, it has been in my drawer for so long and I never paid attention to it until this year. Feel free to skip this entry if you can't bear the pain to see how great this product is. (=ω=。)

The main reason why I particularly love this shade is that it is very suitable for the winter when I like to go for darker colors such as plum or burgundy.

I remember that I tried using this right after purchase, however, I didn't like how pigmented the blush was at that moment. It didn't feel like me when I use such a dark and pigmented blush as I was (and still am!!) a complete blush noob. It's very tricky since you can easily ruin your entire make up with overblushing yourself!!! There's this term called monkey butt in Cantonese which in my opinion illustrates everything perfectly. lol (*/////∇/////*)

With that being said, one swipe with your blush brush will be pretty fine for both cheeks unless you want to spend hours just for blending out the edges.

Now onto some eye candy:


liv said...

Haha a bit running behind, but that is why i love your blog!!! I had that blush as well, but it was waaaaaaaaaaay to warm for me. And yes it is highly pigmented and one has to be bloody careful.. even more careful than with a mineral blush i find.
Have a great sunday! Liv

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing :) I haven't had such a good experience with Alverde. I tried their cleanser and lipstick. The cleanser was awful. It did not cleanse well at all, it didn't remove a any makeup. And as for their lipstick, it made my lips look really dry and made all the fine lines look really visible. So whenever I even think about trying alverde again I like to look up reviews and that's how I found your blog. Looks like you really like alverde, but I'm hesitant to try it again :(

Anonymous said...

this is really pretty! I have never heard of brand before :) The package is cute and so is the pan itself too. Looks really pigmented to wear :)

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