Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best deal of the month.


Something that I picked up the other day when strolling around the drugstore. In Germany you almost never get the good deals such as buy one get one for free so when I spotted this I couldn't leave without buying one pack!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

I think that a drugstore brand mascara shouldn't cost me more than 13 EUR. I usually don't like to splurge on mascara since I toss them out every 3 months. Of course, I admit that I absolutely love the Diorshow but the price tag of 30 bucks makes me shiver. o(*`ω´*)θ

Also, to be very honest with you, I highly doubt that high-end brands make a huge difference on my lashes at all!! Even the most expensive mascara can't perform wonders if there's nothing! Well, I'm not saying that it's necessarily the same case for you, I'm just talking about me. Sorry, that it sounds rather self-centered..... lol (*/////∇/////*)

But I'm kinda bothered by the washable waterproof formulation. I guess it won't be able to hold the curl. Well, let's see maybe I'm giving the Lash Extension Effect mascara (which I basically got for free) to my friend and only keep the False Lash Effect for myself.

Actually there was another pack available which came with the washable version of the False Lash Effect mascara paired up with an eyeshadow stick or so. Obviously I didn't care for it. (*´∀`*)

On a more random note.... today marks the third day of my confinement and I dearly hope that I'll be able to walk again very soon. It drives me nuts to stay either in bed or lying on the couch. I don't enjoy my days off. o(TヘT o) My doctor said I should come again in 14 days to get the suture removed. Does it mean that I cannot walk properly until then? Hopefully not.ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ (Actually I only took off a week from work....)

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