Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catrice eyeshadows

I've never been particularly interested in Catrice. I really can't tell the exact reasons but I guess it plays a major role that this brand is not available in the drugstores that I frequently haunt go to. Anyway I heard a lot of great things about their products, like you get great buys for a good price. (*・∀・)

So I thought I might try out the one or other product. I stalked their website and instantly fell in love with a couple of eyeshadows. After a bit of internet research I found out that the shades that I want to buy are being discontinued very soon. I don't know why I'm always so lucky. Is it my taste or simply bad luck? Whenever I spot something that I'm extremely interested in it's either going to be discontinued or limited edition. I hate this so much! (▼□▼メ)

Plus I had a demanding schedule as I had been trying to balancing out everything with work and my countless appointments at my doctor's but at the same time I just so wanted to buy these eyeshadows!! (☆o◎) At the end I somehow managed to pick these up, after being stressed out and super rushed. That day I even decided that it's more important to buy eyeshadows than having something in the fridge. McDonalds was a good option.... Once in a while I'd say okay to fast food. Hey, sometimes you have to get your priorities right and I wanted to have the eyeshadows, so.... (=ω=。)

050 The Noble Knights is a shimmery gray shade.

060 I Love Champagne - A cream shade with chunky shimmering particles.

Now I must admit that both eyeshadows only look good in the pan.... I find that they aren't as pigmented as I wanted them to be. It was difficult to get a proper arm swatch done, but as the usual, sunlight  was nearly non-existent I couldn't do much against it.

While I think I could imagine to work with The Noble Knights I still wished that pigmentation was better. But overall a very nice color. However, if there's one word to describe I Love Champagne I'd say, bad. Extremely bad. It is sheer, pressed too loose and the shimmering particles are chunky!! On the finger it looked great and very pigmented but once swatched on the skin you could see how the color fades away leaving nothing but shimmering particles that are uneven.... I forgot to add how powdery the eyeshadow is. (*´-ω-`) I had to clean up the mess as I saw shimmery cream-ish powder almost everywhere on my dark pants.

In the end I wonder why I got so excited over these discontinued eyeshadows beforehand when I'm clearly disappointed with them afterwards.ヾ(_ _〃)ノ Here I'm not saying that all Catrice products are bad since I've only tested two eyeshadows from their huge make-up range. I hope there will be better finds in the future, because just from browsing their website I find that some new eyeshadow shades look very interesting. Don't you agree? (Nevertheless I'd love to see the testers first before I purchase any new eyeshadow...) It's not really about the money because these are super cheap it's just that I don't like my make-up products pile up only be put to the trash later on. It would be a waste of resources.... We all have to be conscious about the environment. (-∀-。)

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