Sunday, February 12, 2012

I dream of Revlon lip butter

Today I have something funny to share with my readers. Actually it's quite embarrassing for me, too. Before I get into it, I've never had the chance to own anything from Revlon. Somehow their products never caught my attention until the news spread over the German beauty community that Revlon will vanish from our country!!! I assume the numbers weren't ideal so they decided to withdraw..... which means, no more Revlon in Germany. (;☆ω☆) I even missed my chance to grab a few products during clearance. In fact I totally missed everything until I saw a review on a lip gloss that I wanted to have but couldn't find anywhere... With that being said, you have no idea how jealous I got when Revlon launched their lip butters!! My dashboard was crammed with reviews on these.... Grrrrr!! Like everyone raves about how great they are and what not. (〇Д◎ノ)

The good thing is that I shouldn't burst out in distress as I can easily get the lip butters in Hongkong next month. hohoho~~ (●ゝω・)

Perhaps I read too many reviews on these, because a couple of days ago I actually dreamt of being at Walmart and couldn't decide which shade I should pick!! (=∇=)ノ It is so crazy because the dream felt so REAL and vivid. Everything was tangible! Seriously, this is the first time that I could remember a dream so clearly just on make up related stuff!! And it felt good! (///ω///)


liv said...

oh oh dreaming about Walmart reminds me about my dreams about the German dm :) hahaha Enjoy your shopping in HK! Groetjes, Liv

Nic Nic said...

I can't' believe they are pull Revlon out of Germany!! that is really surprising to hear... hopefully you can get lip butters in HK instead :)

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