Monday, February 13, 2012

Matroschka meets Beauty

What? Another limited edition?

Yes, but an old one from last November/December or so. (〃ω〃) I know that some people would hate me for doing this but somehow I never came around to post pictures of my haul. Call me a retard. (▼ー▼キ) I mean Alverde is already having another LE right now but I don't feel like picking up anything from the current collection which looks like this, btw. >> click here to see the latest collection

via Alverde Facebook page

To be very honest with you the I wasn't very impressed with the Matroschka limited edition, even though I have to admit that I really liked the packaging. Deep down inside me I'm such a packaging junkie that it is almost ridiculous!! (ー△ー;)In the end I've picked up two items.

Omg what is this? Looks creepy!!

Removing the packing.... A kabuki brush!!

This is a kabuki brush with synthetic bristles which is extremely soft. Admittedly, it couldn't enter a contest with its ugly looks but oh well it still does its job pretty well and I wish I had bought two of these.... (〇Д◎ノ) Now let's proceed to the centerpiece of the entire collection! The shimmer powder.

Do you see the little cute figurines?

Close-up shot of the details.
Personally, I hate cardboard packaging because I hate the worn out looks so I have to be extra careful on how to store these particular items. Normally I like to toss everything into a drawer.  (-`Д´-ノ;)

Excuse the extreme dryness on my hands,  it looks very granny-like! Believe it or not I am using hand cream!!(*TωT)Actually, I'm not sure if the shimmer powder shows up in the swatches or not. But it is such an unique piece as it doesn't contain any chunky shimmering particles, in fact it's very subtle and creates more of a nice healthy sheen. Depending on the light conditions I'd even say it's a bit on the frosty side with some light pink glimmer creating a nice pearly effect. But only when you look at it carefully. I mean, sometimes it just look plain white to me, too!! (TεT)

I do not own a lot of highlighters so I think this is a nice addition to my collection. Of course, it's nothing extraordinary, though. What a pity that my skin is super dry at the moment that I cannot use any powdery products at all..... I'm waiting for Spring.... sigh.... ( ̄ヘ ̄)


Anonymous said...

seems nice products! How you doing? Btw I am doing my 1st happy giveaway basically took me over 5000yen! So plz check it out and hope you will join it! xD ThanX!

liv said...

same here! I also can't use any powder product at all right now. BUT i have spend this crazy fortune for a great cream highlighter by RMS Beauty which looks great and at the same time provides extra care :) love it althoug it's craaaaaaazy expensive :) Ganz liebe Grüsse, Liv

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