Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zoeva brushes

also known as.... Ärgernis der Woche!

Sorry, I can't think of an appropriate translation of this.(┬┬_┬┬)

I placed an order at Zoeva last week after having eyeing their brushes collection for a very long time. I picked a small angled contour brush and a flat top. Upon arrival of my order I was slightly irritated. I'm just so glad that I didn't order more items. lol Here I must clearly state that I'm in no way trying to bash this company! It's just my personal opinion and if something doesn't live up to my expectations why should keep silent about it? I paid (little money) for these after all.

via Zoeva website

via Zoeva website
The reason why I was disappointed by the blush brush is that I hoped it would be more like the Sigma F40. At first glance it looks quite similar.

But only when you look at it from the side, because in reality this brush is very flat...

Sorry for the blurry quality....

Excuse my laziness, the F40 needs some cleansing. (●´ε`●)

To be fair, I should add that I haven't tried this brush yet. The handle looks sturdy and even though it has a rather flat shape the (synthetic) bristles still seem to be very dense and extremely soft.

However, I like fluffy brushes with a big surface. (My pet peeve!!)

Now with that being said I have nothing to complain about the flat top only that it looked like this when I removed the packaging....

What's with this pink stain? And why me?! (。・`ω´・。)

I phoned their customer service the next day and the lady on the phone got me extremely upset! I'm not an unreasonable person so if you have good reasons/arguments I'd listen to them, however, she was talking nonsense. I was annoyed. Terribly. She didn't even make the effort, basically I just wanted a replacement as I don't see why I should bother with a dirty brush. Of course, I have to wash it anyway prior to using but that's not the point here! I don't want to have a pre-used brush or something that's contaminated with unidentified material. It is nasty and the lady wanted to talk me into washing it and see the result first before returning the item. Boo! No! As if I'd to that! o(>ω<)o If I buy something I expect the actual item to be in a new and good condition. In the end she successfully got me totally worked up over an item that's 8,20 EUR a piece and I was annoyed that I requested a refund. Sorry, but it's over. I have other options. I think I really deserved a better treatment from random people at the customer service. o(`ω´*)o

I even removed this brush set from my to-buy-list. No more Zoeva for me.(▼_▼メ)I'm biased. lol

via Zoeva website

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