Monday, May 14, 2012

Alverde Eyeliner Pencil #07 Blue

Today I want to talk about the Alverde pencil eyeliners, I own a few of these, however, I think they vary a lot quality-wise. I picked the shade 07 in blue to write about, because I couldn't find my purple eyeliner any longer... First of all, I like to mention that I really love the pencil eyeliners from the limited editions, since they're nicely pigmented. Sadly I can't say the same for their regular editions.... I bought a purple and a blue shade, both are kinda hard to work with, plus pigmentation was pretty bad, too. Oh, I even had one in white as well which I originally purchased to use on my waterline, but soon abandoned this idea due to low pigmentation. Overall, pretty disappointing.

I really had hoped the blue would be more vibrant but sadly it is not the case. It is too sheer for my taste and doesn't glide on smoothly. I had to press quite hard to get this result, so... I don't want to imagine that I have to use the same force on my eye. (☆o◎)

Here I'm not saying that all pencil eyeliners from Alverde are equally bad since I'm absolutely in love with these.

Personally I wouldn't recommend you to buy the shade in purple, blue and white. Then, I'm not sure if Alverde improved the formula of the aforementioned or not, since the ones I bought were older, ranging from 2009-2011. Also, I believe that this particular shade in blue got discontinued as well but still, for me it's like a 50/50 chance so unless I find a shade that's absolute stunning I wouldn't purchase any eyeliner pencils from Alverde any time soon.


liv said...

oh bummer! luckily you still have the zauberwald ones :) i loooooved those colours until i got an allergic reaction to them :S Hugs, liv

cream puff said...

Echt? Allergische Reation? Oh wei wie schlimm ist das denn?? =.=;; Ist es nur bei den Zauberwald Stiften so oder allgemein bei Alverde Eyeliners?

Amanda said...

I happen to have an Alverde eyeliner in black (exactly the one you show in the photo!!), and I have to say I don't like it, because it doesn't stay on my eyes. I'm interested to know how long you wait until you can "lightly" rub your eyes without smudging the color off.

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