Sunday, May 20, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Oh boy it feels like it's been ages since I've spent such a nice and relaxing day at home! Yes, at home. The past few weeks, no actually ever since I got back from Hongkong I had been out and about. Now I seriously feel so tired that I think it's about time to rest a bit. Actually, spending my Sunday in solitude isn't so bad as it sounds.(*TωT)

My brother come over to visit me and even helped me to do the laundry as I had posted on FB that I wasn't feeling too well due to hayfever. That was really sweet of him. I guess he wanted to take care of me in place of my mom who's in Hongkong right now. (☆▽☆) He even brought me some chocolate and green tea with lemon flavour. (*・∀-)☆

Speaking of chocolate, the other day I spotted these at the supermarket and of course, I couldn't resist. However, it feels so weird that you encouter limited editions almost everywhere in your daily life.

Come on, what's so special about these M&M's that it deserves to be called limited edition? (☆o◎) Just because of the color selection? It's ridiculous. However, I still bought a pack of it... Epic fail.... (Hey, I was craving for M&M's that day so please bear with me!) (*ω*|||)

Oh and while I'm talking about food, yesterday I met up with a friend and we went to a Japanese restaurant. I had donburi and have tried  納豆 for the first time. ^O^ I wouldn't necessarily call it yummy but it wasn't so bad either.

On the menu it says that the dish is supposd to be sticky. lol It was so true!! My friend had something with clams. Admittedly, I find that her dish looked gross at first sight but it was very yummy indeed!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE nattos! haha I think a lot of foreigners aren't fond of it. Props on you for trying it! Don't you just love easy sundays :D

cream puff said...

It wasn't as bad as I had expected it to be. My friend felt so grossed out by the stickiness but I didn't really mind. As long as it's healthy, I'd do everything for it. haha ^O^

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