Sunday, May 6, 2012

What's inside my make up bag?

Today I want to share the contents of my make up bag. I love reading these kind of entries so I thought it would be nice and about time that I show you what's inside my daily make up bag. However, I must admit that it's been ages since I took these pictures (actually, a very long time before my vacation!) and I removed/exchanged some items etc. Maybe I'll be doing an updated version of this very soon. ^^

First of all, this is my (Devil) Hello Kitty make up pouch which I got from H&M. In fact, I also own two another versions of this pouch, one is in light pink featuring Angel Hello Kitty while the other in hot pink has the Devil Hello Kitty print on it. I especially adore the satin ruffle details. So cute!!! I've decided to use the black one to store my make up and tools since any possible stains wouldn't be as obvious and noticeable as on a pouch that's in a lighter color. (Makes sense, heh?)

I must say that this title is quite misleading since I don't carry this make up pouch with me whenever I go out or so. In fact, these are the only items that I bring with me when I travel or stay at a friends' place. Of course, when I travel I will also have a second bag which is filled with blush/highlighter/powder etc. To be honest, I don't like to go too much into details on the products shown above since I will do an updated version anyways. Basically what you see is mascara, eyeshadow primer, pencil eyeliner, eyebrow pencil (the super antique one from Rimmel which I mentioned in this post...), a gel to fix my eyebrows, highlighter pen, concealer, gel eyeliner, pencil sharpener, Panasonic eyelash curler/comb and my two eyelash curlers. Yes, I carry two eyelash curler with me since my eyes/eyelids are uneven and I find the results way better than just relying on one curler. The Koji eyelash curler works best on my left eye and for my right eye I find that a random eyelash curler (that I picked up from the local drugstore for around 3 EUR) works perfectly fine. I am weird like that.

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Anonymous said...

Your makeup bag is really cute although I'm not a personal fan of HK lol. I'm so surprised you have so many eye makeup items there! A lot of stuff I have in makeup bags are lipsticks hahaha. anyway everything looks handy there!

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